Thursday, October 18, 2012

Journey that never stops in my life.....

A perfect beginning is what we expect in our life but really it happens in all of our life only a few lucky one's get the chance to make it up.I can say only in theatres and film it can happen as they are bound to show the audience what they want to show and what public demands, as they have to sell it but one thing is sure all they show are the reflections of our life. My friends I want to share something,it might be little boring but somewhere it will it funny and also strange,well you all decide what is it really! Well its begins after completion of my engineering,my parents were happy that from there family I was the first engineer.I felt good when i saw my parents happiness and it was just a week I left my college and hostel.As it is not easy to forget all those good memories and all my 4 year went in that beautiful college JITM which is located at southern Odisha,a place called Parlakhemundi.And what was the best part you all know I got some golden rules to live life and earn some beautiful achievements not in form of certificates or medals but in form of friends.Friends have always a important part in my life from the beginning only.I learned every moment from different peoples who were staying around me,like how to convince people when they are not all in a position to listen.....this is all call management which is taught in our MBA Colleges.All this begins here only people who are capable of managing they will do it not necessarily they need a degree but in today's world a degree gives him a identification.Genius were there few average students were there who were good at sports rather than studies but they had a different image,they were the king of there field and as well as there hearts. But college days were over and its time to put hard effort on me to open the door of success.As I believe very less on luck and more on my effort,if I couldn't achieve it then its from my side that I haven't given a bit more effort as my Sai baba says you believe on yourself and rest you leave on me i will take care of all your things.And its true i have felt it and few of my friends had also got the result only of there effort and the blessing's of Shridi ke sai baba.Well lot more to come on my second post..Put down your comments if you find dome valuable time for me so that I can write more and know where i am lacking.....Sai Ram.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Parents..........................................they care for us

From the beginning of our life till we stand in our own feet they have never thought for them. They have sacrificed everything for us so that we could live better. They skip one time food so that we can get two time food and they buy one pair cloth in a year so that we can wear at least some good clothes because they care for us. They add every single buck throughout their life so that we could enjoy and never care what we are doing with that bucks. It doesn’t comes to our mind that how difficult is to earn a single buck in this world.
Really staying away from them doesn’t make any sense in life but how could people do this to them. It’s shocking to me and also to anybody who cares for them but that’s the truth and nobody cares for them anymore who care for us when we needed them & now when we are quite comfortable then we forget everything because we get someone else in our life and we have our own family. Are they not our family members, are they not part of our life and when they need us how could we tell no them. It’s really painful for me when I see them without having any shelter for which they have led there whole life so that at the end of the life they could rest in that shelter. It’s really shameful for we people as we forget that god is seeing everything and we will get the same pain what we have given to them. Hell and heaven is here only my friend, everything will be decided here and you can’t escape from it because they are god who have created us and who bought us to this world and we are hurting them.
They care for us and in return what they want only our love and affection so that they could die peacefully. But we people are very selfish and can’t give them what they need from us and when they have given us everything without expecting anything from us. I love my parents who have done everything for me and my family and I am proud to be born in that family. We should remember because they had spent their entire life for making us stand in front of the society and we should not bring tears in their eyes because god will never forgive us.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey friends the word loneliness is very familiar word in day to day life.But the word has a significant meaning when it really comes in life.No body can understand d really meaning till he/she has not gone through that phase.I was always thinking that my friends will be there throughout my life but i knew the truth very soon,that every one will be busy someday and no body will have time for any one.That's also applicable for me and some of closer one feels that i have completely forgotten them but i just want to convey this message that no matter ho far i am but they are always near to my heart.....just the gap of time has increased the loneliness.I am always there for you and a day will come we will meet again and break the barrier of loneliness.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dont Show Your Emotion Just Hold it make you more strong

Very often when we feel bad or our mood is off we try to show our emotion to our friends so that we can feel a bit relaxed.That's a good way but it shouldn't be a habit because its makes us very weak it create a different image in society.See if we are trouble then we have find a solution and carried away with doesn't resolve any issues.My friends this is a very big problem from every 10 people from 100 and its natural but we have to present it in such a way that it looks as if we are strong enough to overcome it.
Even if in my life i have suffered for this a lot and i was having this problem but now i am completely away from this.See emotions are made to share not to show to every one because people take chance and hurt you and who knows more than me when emotions are hurt how it feels.Sharing secrets,emotions to every close one was my habit and i was thinking that this will help in me fighting against my failure.But i was wrong rather than it put me in lot of trouble i was wandering that why i was pushed back when i have done my best then i found these things are pulling me down.I was very good to every one but the same thing was not expected from others and due to these i had suffered and so my friends i want to say that don't carried by emotions because these things make a person weak and leads to failure.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Success and failures makes a person more harder to overcome any problem

Life is not all about giving excuses because the thing is that we are here responsible for all our activities and no one else will come to help us but only they can guide us.Learning from mistakes is very important as mistakes cannot be repeated all the time as this may lead to a great trouble.Also never think that somebody is always there to guide you.As a particular time will come when we have to take our decision as we are the owner of our decision so who the hell are the others to take our decision.

As my personal experience i know how things go bad when you are not taking decisions perfect.Suffering is not the solution my friends only you have to be hard enough to overcome it and this is called struggle and then only you can know what is the taste of failure and success.Success doesn't comes in one day as same as a seed doesn't grow to a plant in one day.It takes a lot of pain to grow a tree.So taking pain is not a bad thing and in life don't think that why you are suffering only because my friends you have not earn enough to buy your happiness so you are now earning to get the taste of happiness.Prediction doesn't comes true as it has nothing to do to your confident,capability to do the things only it adds a motivation and may be acting a superstitious believe to your work.

So do the things that you are thinking to do and rectify your mistakes so that you don't clone your mistakes again and again.But add new mistakes so that you can know that you are on a earning stages for your own happiness.
Now my friends one thing you must believe that you are here in this world between millions of people for a specific purpose and try to find that thing for which your here then you can really find the real happiness.Otherwise you could be a dog or any other species but why we are human being because god has created for some purpose and also we are very lucky.Don't feel ashamed if you can't complete the task in a better way than other do but you are trying it that's enough because in this world all are different as we are unique.So be happy that we are a master piece and never ever give up because when you give up you can't see the next world which is waiting for you.

Giving up easily was a big problem for me and for this i was a looser and never ever tried new things and so i thought i was bad creation of god.It was matter of time only i thought but there was not a significant change in my life so i thought where things went wrong.I found that there were many reasons like lack of commitment,responsibilities,punctuality & the main thing was lack of confident.I tried my best to recover the things that were supposed to hamper my path and i succeed also but still i am trying.As i learn one thing in these years that if you look to other people then you can learn but if you look them only they you cant grow.Following is good but it should be worked out in a definite manner.

We often think that why we got less and some one more than us because he/she deserve for it.See never be unhappy for what you doesn't deserve because god has distributed all the things equally among all.Be thankful to the almighty to make us able to see this beautiful world.