Thursday, October 18, 2012

Journey that never stops in my life.....

A perfect beginning is what we expect in our life but really it happens in all of our life only a few lucky one's get the chance to make it up.I can say only in theatres and film it can happen as they are bound to show the audience what they want to show and what public demands, as they have to sell it but one thing is sure all they show are the reflections of our life. My friends I want to share something,it might be little boring but somewhere it will it funny and also strange,well you all decide what is it really! Well its begins after completion of my engineering,my parents were happy that from there family I was the first engineer.I felt good when i saw my parents happiness and it was just a week I left my college and hostel.As it is not easy to forget all those good memories and all my 4 year went in that beautiful college JITM which is located at southern Odisha,a place called Parlakhemundi.And what was the best part you all know I got some golden rules to live life and earn some beautiful achievements not in form of certificates or medals but in form of friends.Friends have always a important part in my life from the beginning only.I learned every moment from different peoples who were staying around me,like how to convince people when they are not all in a position to listen.....this is all call management which is taught in our MBA Colleges.All this begins here only people who are capable of managing they will do it not necessarily they need a degree but in today's world a degree gives him a identification.Genius were there few average students were there who were good at sports rather than studies but they had a different image,they were the king of there field and as well as there hearts. But college days were over and its time to put hard effort on me to open the door of success.As I believe very less on luck and more on my effort,if I couldn't achieve it then its from my side that I haven't given a bit more effort as my Sai baba says you believe on yourself and rest you leave on me i will take care of all your things.And its true i have felt it and few of my friends had also got the result only of there effort and the blessing's of Shridi ke sai baba.Well lot more to come on my second post..Put down your comments if you find dome valuable time for me so that I can write more and know where i am lacking.....Sai Ram.

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